Trump signs executive order fostering artificial intelligence R&D in government


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President Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday expanding his administration’s efforts to foster research and development of artificial intelligence tools in government.

The executive order directs the heads of research agencies to “budget an amount for AI R&D that is appropriate” for the White House’s elevation of AI as a national priority.

The executive order lays out six strategic goals for agencies:

  • Promote “sustained investment” in AI R&D with industry, academic and international partners.
  • Improve access to “high-quality and fully traceable federal data.”
  • Reduce the barriers to greater AI adoption.
  • Ensure cybersecurity standards to “minimize vulnerability to attacks from malicious actors.”
  • Train “the next generation” of American AI researchers.
  • Develop a national action plan to “protect the advantage” of the United States in AI.



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