Pentagon acting CMO Lisa Hershman on saving billions of dollars for the department


WASHINGTON — Roughly a year ago, the Pentagon stood up the chief management officer role — a congressionally mandated job that ranks third in the department hierarchy — to find billions of dollars in efficiencies.

Less than nine months later, the first CMO, Jay Gibson, was pushed out of the department amid rumors of ineffectiveness.

Taking up that role is Lisa Hershman, now the acting chief management officer for the Defense Department. Hershman will have the lead in guiding the department through the fiscal 2020 budget cycle and finding extra money to put back toward war fighting. Her office has already seen some success: The Pentagon’s hunt for efficiencies found nearly $5 billion in savings by the end of fiscal 2018 — the result of 114 potential projects identified by the CMO’s office.

In a Feb. 5 interview with Defense News, Hershman laid out her goals for the next year and what lessons have been learned from her time spent thus far in the CMO office.




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