Navy Unveils Record Budget, Pushing Above 300 Ships


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12 March 2019

PENTAGON The Navy plans to request a record $205.6 billion topline budget for 2020, money that will be pumped into ramped-up operations, buying new subs, destroyers and aircraft while pushing the fleet above the 300-ship mark for the first time since the early 2000s.

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The service’s biggest acquisition program — the $128 billion Columbia-class submarine effort — is also being sped up, with $1.7 billion in funding on the way to a 2021 build date.

A rendering of the future ballistic missile submarine Columbia, the first of a 12-ship class of SSBNs. (U.S. Navy)

The request is the most detailed document we’ve seen to date outlining the Navy’s planned strategic direction in the coming years, offering a picture of a service trying to push into the future of unmanned systems and fifth generation aircraft, while doubling down on large hulls and adding thousands of sailors as the fleet grows.




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