MITRE’s new ‘ATT&CK’ tool an encyclopedia of cyber threats


Improving cybersecurity across federal agencies requires staying on top of new and evolving threats. Now, the MITRE Corporation has a new tool, called ATT&CK, to further that mission.

Richard Struse, chief strategist of Cyber Threat Intelligence at MITRE Corporation, called ATT&CK an “encyclopedia of information” on cyber adversaries and their techniques for getting into systems.

“And it’s something that continues to grow and evolve as adversaries grow and evolve and then originated out of a MITRE internal research project,” Struse said on Federal Monthly Insights — Strategic Threat Intelligence Month. “We used it to solve some of our own problems. And we saw that it really had great utility. And since then, since we publicly released it, a lot of other folks have decided that it’s really valuable to have that kind of insight into what adversaries are doing.”

The tool’s website explains that ATT&CK takes publicly available information about adversary tradecraft and organizes it in two ways. One is to identify what those adversaries are trying to achieve technically.




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