JUST IN: Pentagon: Implementing Section 809 Panel Reforms Will Be ‘Challenging’


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By Mandy Mayfield

13 February 2019

Implementing the long list of acquisition reforms suggested by the congressionally chartered Section 809 Panel could be difficult, a top Pentagon official said Feb. 13.

Photo: Melanie Yu / NDIA

The panel was established by Congress in the fiscal year 2016 National Defense Authorization Act to recommend changes to the way the Defense Department acquires technology. In its final report, released in January, the study group said the Pentagon must put its antiquated acquisition system on a “war footing” if it is to maintain its military edge over advanced adversaries. 
The report put forth 58 recommendations that were added to the 40 recommendations released in volumes 1 and 2, plus one interim report.

The ultimate goal of the proposals is to create a new acquisition system that “will allow DoD to deliver and sustain technologically superior capability inside the turn of near-peer competitors and nonstate actors,” the final report said.

Kevin Fahey, assistant secretary of defense for acquisition, said that while the Pentagon agrees with many of the panel’s recommendations, implementing them is easier said than done. The group’s publications totaled more than 2,000 pages.




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