Hold Joint Armed Services-Foreign Relations Defense Hearings


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4 February 2019

The best way for America to develop a consensus on what our defense and global security commitments should be is for Congress to have a lengthy series of posture hearings that delve deeply into these issues.   

They could be jointly held by the Armed Services and Foreign Affairs committees from the two chambers, patterned after the set of posture hearings held in the early 1980’s by Congress to address a very similar set of security concerns.

Why do we need an extraordinary set of hearings? The new chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Adam Smith, thinks the defense budget is already too high at $716 billion too high and US security commitments too great. The new chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee says defense spending needs to be much higher — $750 billion to support the country’s security interests. So clearly Congress — and the electorate who chose them — is divided and need to find common ground.




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