HHS expects ATO for blockchain acquisition solution this month


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By Sara Friedman

Dec 05, 2018

The Department of Health and Human Services is making a big push to have the first blockchain-based program in the federal government with authority to operate certification.

Jose Arrieta, associate deputy assistant secretary for the HHS Division of Acquisition, said that he expects to get the ATO “within in the next week” for HHS Accelerate, the program that uses blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence to streamline acquisition by delivering detailed, real-time information on pricing and terms and conditions from across HHS for 10 categories of purchases.

As part of the work to get the ATO, Arrieta and his team had to conduct a series of tests on the HHS Accelerate system where issues were identified and resolved and a report sent to the agency’s chief information security officer. Speaking at a Dec. 4 event hosted by FCW, Arrieta said his team is in the process of briefing and getting an approval from the HHS chief information security officer.




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