Defense Space Systems: DOD Should Collect and Maintain Data on Its Space Acquisition Workforce


GAO-19-240: Published: Mar 14, 2019.

DOD plans to spend about $65 billion through 2023 on satellites, launch vehicles, ground control facilities, and other space-related acquisitions. Recently, DOD was directed to submit a legislative proposal to establish the U.S. Space Force.

Does DOD know whether it has the right workforce to handle all of these expensive and complex acquisitions?

We found that DOD does not routinely monitor the size, mix, or location of the military and civilian workforce supporting its space-related acquisition programs.

We recommended, among other things, that DOD collect comprehensive data on its space programs acquisition workforce.

The Four Segments Needed to Provide Space Systems Capabilities

Illustration of the types of component systems needed to provide a space system's capabilities.




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