Can Trump Rebuild The Military As Deficits Balloon?


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on October 18, 2018

Today’s national security leadership face a dilemma not unlike that which confronted the Western allies in the 1930s. Faced with growing great power threats in both Europe and Asia, they knew it was essential to build up their militaries. However, the ongoing effects of the Great Depression and bad economic policies caused them to hesitate when it came to increasing defense spending. As a result, France and Great Britain were ill-prepared when war came. Current U.S. defense leaders are warning that the same situation could occur again.

Photo: US Department of Defense

The Trump Administration, with the support of Congress, has made a down payment on its plan for a massive buildup of the U.S. military to avoid that scenario. The recently passed 2019 National Defense Authorization Act provides for a defense budget of $717 billion. The corresponding appropriations bill was signed by President Trump on September 28.


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