Advertising and Sponsorship

At AcquiTivity® we focus on value – the value of creative thought, the value of communication and expression, the value of community, and the value of advertising. When developing the concept for the site, we thought long and hard about issues such as subscription service vs. free content, and advertising vs. no advertising. Our commitment to develop a venue for the acquisition community and provide content for all members of the community led us to a free-content concept. At the same time, the business realities forced us to think about advertising and sponsors. We asked ourselves what we wanted from our advertisers and sponsors and wondered what we had to offer them in return.

After much soul searching and discussions with a lot of very smart and perceptive people, we realized that we did indeed have something to offer our advertisers and sponsors – a thoughtful approach to targeted marketing and content integration. As a content marketing site, AcquiTivity® shares information in many forms – perspectives, opinions, facts, news, and so on. We are trying to generate increased understanding and tolerance within our niche market, and to do so through the deliberate use of paid and sponsored content is an important strategic goal. In return, we offer our advertisers and sponsors daily access to contacts and decision makers in our niche market, high value readership, thought leadership opportunities, analytics, and increased brand recognition and shaping within our community.

AcquiTivity® offers advertising space in standard sizes (970×66, 728×90, 300×600, 300×250, etc.) and descriptions (header, footer, sidebar, leaderboard, towers, etc.). We also welcome sponsored and advertising content by word count. Our 6 and 12-month sponsorship packages are very generous. Please contact us at or use the contact form on this page to ask for more information.

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