DoD Breakfast Club: Service Secretaries Coordinate R&D Spending


on March 12, 2018

CENTER FOR STRATEGIC & INTERNATIONAL STUDIES: It’s remarkable enough that all three service secretaries spent an hour together on stage here this afternoon. (We here at Breaking Defense can’t remember when that’s ever happened). But even more remarkable is that the secretaries of the Air Force, Army, and Navy are getting together regularly in private — without their staffs — to work out new ways to coordinate, especially on science and technology.

“We’ve started getting together for breakfast every week or two,” said Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson, “just the three of us. It’s absolutely terrifying the staffs.”

And the breakfast bonhomie is yielding practical results, Wilson added when the laughter died down. “We’ve already identified and started about a dozen things we’re doing together,” she said, “and probably one of the most exciting is looking at our science and technology portfolios: (e.g.) what research is the Navy doing, how can we leverage that in the Air Force, what projects do we want to do together.”




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